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Wedding Cakes


Our Wedding cakes are designed to be both beautiful, delicious and to be enjoyed as a dessert after your meal. We take pride in using quality, seasonal ingredients in our cakes. We aim to make your special day that much more special with a cake (or cakes) that reflect(s) the look and feel of your big day. We cater to all tastes and dietary needs, if you want something specialized – just ask!

Cake Tastings: To book a custom cake tasting in our café please choose 3 cake flavours from the Diva-Licious Layer Cakes List, and email us with a date that best suits you for a tasting. We can then coordinate a meeting to decide on cake flavours and talk about design and logistics for your big day! Cake tastings cost €25.00 and include 3 cake samples and coffee

Please contact us to talk about your wedding. email us. If you haven’t already, take a look at our full catering service.

…meal selection required consideration of youngsters through older adults, hearty meat eaters and vegetarians. Our needs and limited budget were generously accommodated… The perfectly seasoned meats, salads and side dishes, the Tuxedo cake and cupcakes, were claimed by guests to be especially delicious and unique…

— Margie & Alana