Bread. Can we do it?

March 1, 2010

We are setting on a new endeavor to bake the community fresh artisan bread in our bakery. Before now we were baking the bread for our own use, but popular demand has inspired us to send the loaves out to the world…. the goal is to be up to 40 loaves and sell them in the day. we’ll see! waking up before dawn? no problem!

We’re having the test day on wednesday. so far the list is:

  • diva house loaf
  • irish soda bread
  • butter dipped dinner rolls
  • sweet potato sandwich loaf
  • moroccan olive boule

I’m getting hungry just listing them!

Don't be shellfish...
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2 thoughts on “Bread. Can we do it?

  1. Anonymous

    They all sound delicious. Be great if you could do a spelt or summit wheat free.. With seeds mm mm mmmmm


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