I live upstairs….

April 19, 2010

So I made the move! I now live on top of the bakery. I can drop down for my morning coffee, bug my coworkers, eat cake all day and work till 12am and not worry about how to get home. It seems ideal, but is it? I’m at easy reach if they are short staffed, and I can hear dee pounding the coffee machine at 9am, which isn’t that bad at all.

I guess we’ll see. im really enjoying the space up here, the flat is spacious enough and we are getting some space out in Garrylucas to plant some veggies! I’m optimistic.

Ballinspittle has a buzz about it.. its its own little center, which until recently was a ghost village.

I’ll fill in more later about wonderful Ballinspittle. I’ve worked here off and on for 3 years, so as far as living here goes…. it’s a new relationship.

The cafe is super busy anyways, which is nice to have downstairs, the bustling little cafe where people are happy to be. A lot of the people are friends of ours so its nice to have them around!

On the flipside:
shannen wants to have a contest on our facebook page, for naming our new gluten, and dairy free chocolate cake. So tune into the facebook page if you havent already!
my vote is “wishful thinking cake,” its still chocolate cake for crissakes!



Don't be shellfish...
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