i was baking my butt off…..

April 8, 2010

I was just thinking about the post shannen last wrote, and mainly about myself. I also thought it would be helpful to some if you knew WHAT i was baking my butt off on last night.


All the breads: wheat loaf, rustic bread sticks, potato loaf, and out thursday bread, walnut and raisin. oh yeah and the soda bread.

then i popped out a dozen cupcakes made with our banana cake and almond frosting. 20 raspberry oat bars, mexican chocolate cakes, i iced our hummingbird cake in a toasted pecan cream cheese frosting, and baked 6 lemon meringue tartlets.

then to even it out, i got the puff pastry going for today, which i messed up! the dough was too soft to spread the butter in layers so im going to use it for flaky palmier cookies. soooo good. even when the puff isnt super! a life saver! try one, when you visit us next.

then during that i made the brioche dough which proofs over night for the next day, now our customers can enjoy fluffy brioche french toast in the mornings at diva!

i also made sure that we had starters for the 4 breads I’m making tonight.

“And now what,” you ask?

more of the same, over and over! its actually really enjoyable. i think i have the best baking job there is. im here alone, and getting the job finished. i also have the ability to try new things and make it up as i go. its perfect.

hope everyone enjoys the end result as much as i do, making it get there!


ps. shannen you have a typo in the title of your last post! ; p

Baking Tip!

baking a chocolate cake? tired of the same old cake? but HAVE to get the chocolate into you somehow? just add some spice to that yummy but lonely cake recipe you have! try cinnamon, ginger, and even cayenne or chilli powder. remember a little goes a long way. no more than a 1 !1/2 teaspoons, and definitely less if you use cayenne, try an 1/8 – 1/4 of a teaspoon. just remember baking is fun!

Don't be shellfish...
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