God’s of the cafe world answered my prayers!!!!

May 5, 2010

Remember a few blogs ago? When I wrote that there was no one in the village?? Well the cafe gods answered my prayers.. and we were busy busy busy!!! yay, I can now pay a few bills!! for those of you who do not have your own business, this is what it is like…well, at least in the food industry, in a village, you just never know when you are going to have a bit o dosh! you hope and hope that you will, and that you will be the best business owner in the world and pay all of your bills when they come in…but the reality is, sometimes they have to wait…so it is such a good feeling to have the funds to pay what is due!!

I will say one thing, it was a hard weekend, all of my staff were brilliant and worked their butts off, but we earned every cent that was brought in..and when i mean that we earned every cent, sometimes you can be busy and for some reason everything flows beautifully..customers are staggered, they all order the same thing(or some version of), it sucks when you get an order like this: 1 breakfast wrap 1 lamb burger 1 brioche french toast 1 waffles and 1 cod and chips! we have a small fryer and a 4 burner stove…so timing is everything…i love an order like this! : 4 diva fry and a breakfast wrap! that is bliss…

So a quick funny story…on the bank holiday monday, I was meant to collect Dee, he lives in town and the sunday night of the rugby 7’s is a nightmare and no one can sleep, so he was worried that he wouldn’t wake up. I had left my phone at the cafe and was out on sunday night, I thought I would meet up with him at some point but we didn’t…so monday morning I am up and slightly hung over… went to collect D at his house, and i couldn’t wake him up!! I didn’t have my phone and I forgot his number, so i was thinking shit!!! what am i going to do, we are screwed without Dee!!!! but i had to get to work and i thought that if i couldn’t wake him up he wouldn’t be much use t me anyway…so out i drive to work, psyching myself up for hell and i look in the review mirror…and guess who is behind me in a taxi?! Dee!!! whew…that was close… the reason why i couldn’t wake him up was because he wasn’t there!!! ha..

Off to work now…oh yeah, please give us some ideas of what you would like to see on the baking video!!!

ciao for now…


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