Perfect Pastries

May 18, 2010

Poached Pears in Honey and Thyme. These pears were first peeled and pitted then poached in a syrup that included honey and thyme

Pear Honey Thyme Puff Pastry

The end result is a pretty pear nestled in a blanket of fresh hand rolled puff pastry! the pastry is a two day affair of rolling and folding the dough to get even layers of butter and dough, so when the butter heats up the water inside the butter will expand the dough layers, and that my friends, gives “Puff” pastry its name. simple but tedious! the dough must be cold and the butter not too hard or your layers will break or ooze together. but its soo worth it in the end product!

the pastry then gets rolled out thinly, cut into circles, and a band is cut and placed around the edge for added height once the pastry “puffs” in the oven. then nestled in the center is the poached pear half and a bit of thyme sprig, egg wash the sides and chill ’em before baking.



Don't be shellfish...
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