Sorry we ran outta that….

May 10, 2010

so, it’s sunday…and as you know from my previous blogs sunday can be crazy, anyhow, this sunday was good…we had a nice morning rush, and kinda kept going at a steady pace for the rest of the day…Sunday is a brunchy day. Also it is our last day of the week.

I had a customer come in, who was not our typical customer, older male big red face on him.. he asked for soup. Dee took the order, but did not realize that we ran out of soup. I told the guy we were out of soup, he huffed and walked out..there were 30 other items for him to choose from..but that didn’t work.

So, just to explain…I wasn’t going to make another soup on sunday because we are closed on monday, tues is quiet and that is when we do a lot of prep for the week, one of those things includes making fresh stock! no packets used here….

Yes, we run out of things on the menu daily, we only order in enough for a day or two, that way it is always fresh…

My apologies to those customers who come in for one thing and we are out of it, we do try to have everything, but when we run out it’s out! hopefully we can entice you to try something else on the menu….



Don't be shellfish...
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