May 18, 2010

so, last week i bought a van on ebay!! if any if you followed me on Facebook, you probably had a little glimpse of my journey to the UK..for those of you who did not follow me on FB but follow my blog, I will fill you in on THE VAN aka Zelma…

about 3 years ago, i began toying with the idea of having a vehicle for the cafe, we used to do a lot of markets and it is such a pain in the ass to load up my volvo, plus the car gets wrecked…chocolate and frosting everywhere plus the tables mark up the leather in the car and i mean like, big crescent shaped gouges in the leather in the door… that i just noticed last year(its from the hinges on the table and then me forcing the door shut) anyhoo, i wanted a van but a unique van(of course!), so i started looking at old 1976 Citroen vans…i think they are the funkiest vans on earth!! so, i began the search on ebay, but one of the biggest problems was getting them from france back to ireland…richard found 2 on ebay and they were so f-ing cool, one was a proper bus and the other was a van…i bid on them, but the seller did not get back to us about shipping from his region of france to where the ferry terminal is in Roscoff…so richard advised against it…if the seller was more informative, i would have bought them…

so along came Zelma! richard found her when i was bidding for the Citroen’s, she is english(a Morris) and she is a runner, only 35mph, but still a runner…and she is right hand drive. she is just perfect…i will keep you all posted on her Diva transformation

happy trails….



Don't be shellfish...
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