630 pieces

June 4, 2010

whoppppee!! so we did it..BAM just like that, 630 pieces of cake in 27 hours… That is our first big cake order. I got the call on thursday, thanks to Rose-Anne Kidney from Goldiefish Productions for suggesting us, and on Monday night we were burning the midnight oil makin cake..

This is what we made: 320 cupcakes, carrot, chocolate, peanut butter and our Diva-lite(fat free and wheat free)…the chocolate went first, then the carrot, peanut butter and surprisingly the Diva-lite wasn’t as popular…it’s always the way…when you have the wheat free, the only thing people want is the good stuff….we also made the cake pops that Taylor mentioned in an earlier post…those went like hot cakes, as well as petit fours…they were so cute!! red velvet and lemon lavender, with a little marshmallow top…check out the pictures…

and i have to say it was great working with Michelle at Stryker…also a big thank you to my friend Bebhinn, who came to the rescue with her van…I was a bit worried the night before as to how i was going to transport all of these cakes…i rang everyone i knew that had a van…and my princess in beach wear came to help me out….

one of the great things that happened was that it all went without any major drama…yes we were all cross eyed from looking at little cakes, but all of the pieces were delivered intact and looking beautiful…now that we got the first big one done, bring on 1,000!!!

hope you all are enjoying the Blog, you can leave us a comment… 🙂 hint hint..




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