Away!…and then Sick!

September 8, 2010

Hello! I am back…barely…I just read taylor’s post, and thank god he has been posting something….because i have been sick! I went to Seattle for a whirlwind trip and came back with a killer bug!! not nice… especially when i go away I usually come back excited about new things to do in the cafe… But I will fill you in on a few ideas that i have for the fall….So, the cakes in autumn are always my favourite anyway, with apple, pumpkin, pear, quince and blackberries in season it’s fun to work with more earthy flavours…that can also cross over into savoury items as well…I went to a great little tapas bar in Seattle called Ocho (I nicked a menu) so there was some inspiration there, for our evenings… I think that we will do a themed night one night a week… I know way back in the beginning of this blog I was going to do a themed month but, it was one busy summer and it was all I could do to make sure we had the regular stuff!! so maybe next year…the other thing that a friend(Suzanne) told me was that they make the potato loaf in a baguette form! she said it was brilliant…so we might have to try that…they other thing that I was thinking of adding on the evening menu is game?! hmmm…we will see

Don't be shellfish...
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