Autumn is here

October 14, 2010

It’s autumn in the cafe the pace has slowed from the manic buzz of summer. It’s time to start trying out the ideas that were bubbling up while constantly trying to keep up with supply and demand. It’s a relief to have this time to experiment!

Now its time to start thinking of Christmas time, which over here means Christmas cakes to the ceiling! This year we are going to be making them with macerated sour cherries, cranberries, and walnuts. Also we will be doing a traditional french cake for Christmas. “Buche de Noel” these are a rolled cake that have a coffee buttercream filling and are shaped and iced to look like fallen logs with meringue mushrooms growing around them. ooh-la-la!

With the slower paced days come the slower paced nights, which leaves room for more experimenting. tonight we featured gubbeen pork with autumn fruit reduction, braised beef short ribs with roast garlic mash, and a beautiful organic butternut squash lasagne. all yummmm!



Don't be shellfish...
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