Thank YOU Taylor!!

October 16, 2010

Yes, Taylor has been keeping the home fires burning with his blogging… I am sorry that I have been MIA, but we have been busy this summer…plus I have been a little under the weather…at any rate.

At the beginning of the blog, our goal was to sell 40 loaves a DAY! I am sorry to say that we did not quite make that goal… however we did get up to almost the halfway mark… I am not too sure but I think our best bread day was 19 loaves… maybe our expectations were a bit high this year! but the good thing is…we have people come in JUST for the bread, who have never been in before… we have people who buy our bread 2 times a week and when I have been doing markets in the city the bread is the first thing to go… so all in all it has been a pretty positive experience 🙂

I am not sure if many of you know but we started opening in the evening this year, two days a week… thurs and fri… the focus is on local and organic! and that has been going quite well too…some slow days but over all good… I have posted some photos of the items that have been on the menu…

Well gotta jump… it’s beautiful and sunny out and the customers are waiting!!!



Don't be shellfish...
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