What to do with your leftovers…

December 10, 2010

I had a few friends in the other day, and one of them ordered our chocolate bread and butter pudding.. she loved it… she also loved it when I told her that we add our leftover brownies into the mix! Yes! That is one of our little secrets… after a day or two our brownies can be a little “tired”.. they are still good but not quite up to the standard that we would like to sell them at… the one thing in the food industry to an kill your business is food waste, you really do not want to be throwing your profits in the bin…

At Diva we are always trying to make the best use of what we have on hand, so cream that is coming to an end is used in baking or turned into creme fraiche, day old bread is turned into crostini or bread crumbs, bread pudding and even toast, brownies are used in bread pudding and even finely ground added into a cake…so don’t throw that bread out! Thinly slice and brush with olive oil, rub it with a garlic clove and bang into the oven for about 10-20 min, store in an airtight container and you have great crostini to put any of your favourite toppings on when friends come over… use the rind of your parmesan cheese in a batch of soup to add a little zing… save all of your veggie scraps to make a lovely vegetable stock, I also find the brown skin of the onion gives my stock a beautiful colour… do you ever have left over pastry? Form it into a little cup and put a dollop of your favourite jam in the middle and pop into the oven until golden and you have the perfect little bite to have with your cuppa…..

Don't be shellfish...
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