Write Up in the Irish Times

July 9, 2011

Great news! today we were very happy to find out that our bakery is a mover and a shaker in the food circle, by none other than the Irish Times! our Ballinspittle Sourdoughtm was mentioned in the article as well as our evening dinners! so pop down and treat yourself to a tasty dinner with some sourdough bread baked the same day, be a part of the breaking news!

Serving dinner : thurs-fri night 6-10pm



Don't be shellfish...
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4 thoughts on “Write Up in the Irish Times

  1. Diva Boutique Bakery

    Thank you! Yes, I was very happy that the cafe/bakery was mentioned in The Times….And, yes, I have been living in Ireland for 11 years now…so far…so good 😉 Please let me know who you are if you happen to be visiting the cafe!

  2. Kristin

    Yep, I’m the IFBA and I blog at Dinner du Jour too. Me and all my alter egos! 🙂 I saw in the Times that you’re from Seattle – I lived in Bellingham for a summer back in 1996, such a beautiful part of the country. Do you get back home much?


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