Quick and easy appetizer..

November 2, 2011

Last night I organized a ‘pot luck’ evening for women in business in the area at the cafe….Since I was working all day, I didn’t have time to get a dish together(it was busy at the cafe, so no time to whip something up there)…However, I have an ol’ reliable up my sleeve! Thanks to my Grandma Gibbons for all of her party tricks, I have kept this one going…Its quick and fast and really tasty…

Here it is….

Take one 8oz block of Philadelphia cream cheese….put on plate

Sprinkle with bay shrimp or prawns…

Cover with sweet chili sauce!! You can garnish with coriander, lime or chopped ginger would be nice..

Serve with crackers….Yes, it is simple…but it tastes great and is kitchy cool!

Don't be shellfish...
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