Spring 2012

March 26, 2012

Some of you have not been to the cafe or bakery for 2012… I thought I would post a few pictures so you can see what we have been up too. The cafe now has more seating! We have increase our seating capacity by 7, 8 at a stretch…

We have also moved all of our takeaway down to the bakery, we hope that by doing this you will get better take away service…It also allows us to serve the customers who are sitting down for a meal to be served better as well..

Some other things we have been up to is increasing our selection of items in the deli…We now have a small but great selection of Irish, Italian, French and Dutch cheeses… We have decided to have a ‘cheese of the week’, where you will get a discount on the price but also this will give more focus to cheese’s that we feel you should know more about!

The croissants are back! Yes, the hand rolled hand made Diva croissant is back, and it is better than ever…the croissants pop out of the oven at 11 o’clock on the days that the cafe is open.

There is also a few new flavours of bread these days, this week it was a kalamata olive and sea salt, we have also tried a bread enhanced with cornmeal..

There is more that we have planned, so stop by and have a look…take a break and have a fair trade coffee and that buttery flakey croissant, breathe deeply and savour those moments in life when you know that everything will be alright….

A freshly baked basket of bread for the Kinsale market

hand rolled croissants, scones and danishes

The pastry case, moved over from the cafe and repainted…

Don't be shellfish...
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