Lazy Autumn No-roll Pastry

September 23, 2012

Its amazing how after a one week holiday you can come back to Cork and its already autumn, where’d our summer go? No one really knows! It doesn’t really matter cause now we can look forward to warming autumnal recipes to keep us cozy. Im looking forward to homey favourites like: pies, crumbles and spice cakes, with an emphasis on apples, pears, and dried fruits. In the cafe there’ll be more stews and – the old faithful – bangers and mash, with roasted garlic and parsnip mash. not sounding too bad at all, is it?

5 ingredients: flour, sugar, ground almonds, butter, and vanilla

Down at the bakery the cool lazy autumn is a having an affect. We are scaling back production and looking ahead to thanksgiving and christmas. I know – I said it, christmas! 3 months away. Our christmas cakes are curing for our customers home celebrations – as we speak. There’s talk of starting a new Christmas pudding! We have hamper ideas with cakes mixes, jams and chutneys; as well as our bestsellers: poppyseed dressing, honey granola, and jams. Another affect the weather has is our overall energy levels….. they’re low, especially after a none stop summer. so this No-roll Pastry recipe is perfect for banging out the goods with little effort, and little compromise on taste and texture. we used to use this recipe in the ‘old days’ when the cafe was in its infancy here in the village. and bringing it back reminds us how far we’ve come and how much we’ve learned on the way: after all those blood sweat and tears – we’re doing, alright!

Hopefully some of you will take this on into your own kitchens this autumn/winter, and start getting friendly with new recipes for tarts and pies. This recipe can be used whenever a sweet pastry is needed, asap. You just mix the ingredients, press it in the pan, chill and bake! No pre-chilling of the dough or rolling is necessary. After you’ve tried it im sure you’ll want to thank us for sharing. So here’s a preliminary, ‘you’re welcome!’ : )

No-roll Pastry

1 x 10” tart

recipe used in Taylor’s Simple Baking Workshop

2 Tbls ground almonds
½ cup (100g) caster sugar
1 ½ cup (210g) plain flour
1 tsp vanilla extract, optional
4oz (115g) butter, melted

Preheat oven to 180°C (350F)

  • Lightly butter bottom of 10” tart pan, line with parchment round
  • Mix flour, sugar, and ground almonds together with spoon
  • Stir melted butter with vanilla extract (if using), stir into flour mixture until a crumbly mass is formed.
  • Press dough into sides and bottom of tart pan in even ¼ inch layer. Freeze for 10-15 minutes while making filling.
  • Bake tart shell for 25-30 mintues without pie wieghts, or if your recipe calls for using an unbaked tart shell follow their directions for recipe.

melt butter, and stir into dry ingredients


Stop stirring

dump into parchment lined tin

press it in

chill it, and bake it

Don't be shellfish...
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