November 8, 2012

its official! we now have a dot com address on the world wide web! we’ve been a bit backwards about the whole concept, but diva has been an ever evolving business and gathering point since its opening 10 years ago in kinsale. we started as a coffee shop, baking from home. then renting a kitchen down the road for 3 years! when we up and left for ballinspittle 6 years ago, the new cafe space had little room for more than 12 people! the amount of food we managed to make in that space was incredible and extreamly challenging. 14 months after,  the cafe/deli expanded into its current incarnation. we knew we were good at baking so we expanded to making our own fresh bread everyday with the kitchen we had, rotating staff nearly 18 hours a day! the time had come to try out a newer and braver idea opening a bakery across the street! would it work? were we crazy?
We are now aproaching 2 years of being open in the deli/bakery.  its been a wild ride, and its seems to still be heading up and up!

during this entire 10 years a website had been niggling away at us, but in the madness it never really transpired. shannen got the domain secured this year and a splash page to keep the space warm till it becomes it’s full blown website self! its cute and we hope it helps more people find their way to cafe, bakery, and ballinspittle village! you can reach our blog, twitter, instamgram, and facebook page all from the website.

more to come!


Don't be shellfish...
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