A Diva Field Trip To Toonsbridge… Meet The Producers

March 13, 2013

Diva is back in action!  After our winters break we opened last weekend…Thank You to all that came to wish us well,for the upcoming 2013 season and to enjoy their favourite Diva treat, wether it was sweet or savoury, that they had been missing since we closed 🙂

On the Monday after we had opened, the kind people of The Real Olive Co., also the producers of Toonsbridge Buffalo Mozzarella, invited us as well as other people from the area who sell or use their products in their restaurants, café’s, deli’s or gourmet shops.  It was a lovely day, meeting with other foodies and chatting about the food being produced in the area…

Jenny-Rose, Toby and Gik were our hosts.  They provided a gorgeous lunch after we all have a sneak peak at how the mozzarella was being made…

It was amazing how quick it all happens…. all of irelands buffalo mozzerella is produced by these two men, (one of them being the farmer himself.) they are really good at what they do!After lunch we took a tour of the herd….What lovely gentle creatures these buffalo are….
we sell Toonsbridge Buffallo Mozzerella as well as the buffallo ‘feta’ and Teargay hard cow’s milk cheese in our deli. the toonsbrudge herd is the first buffalo herd in ireland and the first irish creamery to produce buffallo milk cheeses! wow, isn’t cork lucky?! we are also delighted to be stocking the Real Olive  Co’s olives, olive oil and delicatessen down in the deli as well! thanks again to Toby, Jenny and Gik for having us and showing us a great day out at the creamery, it won’t be forgotten!

shannen and taylor

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