Mince Pie – Bake it Yourself Kit instructions

November 26, 2013


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hello all you mince pie addicts, there’s a new way to get Diva mince pies into your gob! Bake it Yourself! Ha Ha, yeah that’s right, and you’ll get all the credit! just purchase the Bake it Yourself kit in the online Xmas Shop and our tasty mince pie filling will arrive in a chilled box with our flaky buttery pastry! the kit makes about 10-12 mince pies in a standard cupcake tin. all you need is a rolling pin (or a wine bottle – if you’re classy), some flour and an oven. Ta Da! it’s pretty easy. here’s a more in-depth how-to for the people who like pictures:


preheat your oven to 180C. Gather your rolling pin (or wine bottle), flour, cupcake tin,  Mince Pie Bake it Yourself kit (chilled), and a 3″ cutter (or a mug with a 3″ diameter top) and a cute decorative cutter (optional).


     roll out your chilled flaky pie dough to about a 2-3 mm thickness


cut out your mince pie bases, and place into your standard 12 cupcake tin. if its not non-stick grease the pan slightly


fill each pie with a tablespoon of mince pie filling

Optional: cut out cute shapes for the tops of your mince pies

place the shapes on top and bake at 180c for around 30 minutes, till golden and bubbly

like this! cool slighty then pop out of pan with a knife and devour! nom nom…..

Happy Christmas!

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