All Groom’s Cakes 20% Off for Our 2014 Wedding Customers

January 23, 2014


In addition to our Wedding Fair Giveaway; we are also including all our 2014 wedding customers, in a 20% discount on all groom’s cakes with their wedding cake order!!


this dark chocolate Groom’s Cake looked lovely paired with our Wedgwood themed wedding cake

We love the idea of a groom’s cake.  Traditionally, a groom’s cake was boxed up and given away to all the single ladies at the wedding. The ladies would sleep with a piece of cake under their pillow, in hopes of finding the man of their dreams! This tradition began in the U.K. and travelled on to the States. In the southern U.S., the cake would reflect the groom’s tastes and usually be darker in color. Traditions aside, we think they look great next to a larger tiered cake. They can reflect anyones tastes, be any number of tiers and fit any color scheme. So why not put a spin on this age old wedding trend at your wedding? We’d love to make your wedding cake table that much more memorable!

For more information on Groom’s Cakes and their history click, here.


this Ombre themed table would be a great modern example of a Groom’s Cake


our Diva classic the Tuxedo Cake is great option


this ‘nude’ chocolate and bailey’s cream cake would match almost anyone’s tastes

For more ideas on Groom’s Cake designs check out our Pinterest account on the sidebar. We’ve created a ‘groom’s cake’ board to help inspire our future wedding customers! The Groom’s Cake offer is valid until the end of this year (31/12/2014)!

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