Our Seasonal Cafe Mural & Living Wall

April 1, 2016

wall art_078

Check out our new mural by Fiona Boniwell at Boniwell GrafikArts!  It’s a Alphonse Mucha inspired mural with ‘Spring’ theme on the left and ‘Summer’ them on the right. We wanted to add a bit of colour to the cafe mural this year, and Diva has always been inspired by the art nouveau style, so referencing Mucha was the perfect fit!

wall art_076

Spring themed side of the mural

wall art_074

‘Summer’ themed side



wall art_086

wall art_080


The living wall was installed to help with the noise level in the cafe.  When we reconfigured the layout of the cafe, the bar had to be moved into it’s current position. We noticed the  sound had increased when the cafe was full.  Since there wasn’t any shelving behind the bar, the sound was bouncing off of the bare tiles, adding to noise level.  The living wall was a perfect solution! It helps with noise, plus cleans the air!


A frame was made then fitted with guttering, I filled with soil and took plant cuttings from as many plants that I could get my hands on!

Don't be shellfish...
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